Why a Home Additions ?

Often, home addition including rear addition is required by the homeowners. The reasons are ample, either you are expanding the family, aiming for a big king size bedroom, or want to augment the value of your home. The reasons and expectations vary with individual choice and perspectives.

A home addition is perfect to turn your dream house into reality without the hassle of packing up and moving. Rosewood Design & Build Inc delivers outstanding home addition services. We provide customized home additions to your existing home. Building additional living space is beneficial in long terms. We upgrade the major areas that include kitchens and bathrooms. Get the perfect integration of craftsmanship and alluring design in your fully renovated home.


The Preparation Process

Find an architect and discuss the details

This is the initial stage of the process. Creativity is the most important aspect of the first step. Have an open and transparent conversation with your architect about what you need in your home. This comprises things like the number of bedrooms, extra kitchen or living room space, and where you would like everything oriented. It is important to be on the same page as the architect. Make a detailed note about your requirements in order to explain a clear picture to the architect about your dream home.

Rough Layout and Sketches

When you and your architect are on the same page, it is the time for the architect to create rough sketches of the proposed new home. The dummy layout is advantageous as it helps you to know how the architect interpreted your ideas. Either it can be on a sheet or on the computer. Some architects even use software to develop a 3-d presentation of the new home. This stage is important to make the important design changes and let the architect know which design you like the best out of all he/she recommended. Also, the homeowner must approve the drawings before moving to the next step.

Detailed and In-depth drawings

The architect gets more detailed in this step and discusses the extensive information. They have a conversation about the finalized floor plans with the proper dimensions of rooms and other spaces that will appear in the construction drawings.

Important Construction Documents

The most significant aspect of the process is the construction documents. The approved proposed drawings in step 3 are used to develop the construction documents that are used by the general contractor to create your new home. These are the most important documents for the general contractor as they are shown to the subcontractors exactly what needs to be completed. During the renovation, construction documents play an important role. The drawings are basically the ones that the general contractor will use to price the project.

Hiring a professional contractor

There comes the important role of Rosewood. This is the phase when you have to choose a general contractor to build your home. If you have a smart conversation, you will get multiple bids for the project. It is important to make sure that general contractors have the correct information and relevant credentials. Get detailed information about us on our website. The general contractors bid on the project on the basis of drawings made by the architect in step 4.

The Final Build

After you finalized the contractor, now the general contractor will build your house. Get your dream home built as per your requirement in front of your eyes. The architect and general contractor will work on the same page and very closely. They make sure that the project is completed successfully as specified in the drawings and on schedule.

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