Some Words Form Our Happy Clients

  • Anna

    Rosewood Design & Build Inc. helped our family to design and complete our home renovation. The whole process was very smooth, everything was completed within the established timelines, and we are very happy with the results. The Rosewood team listened to all our concerns and was able to present various concepts for us to consider before finalizing a design most suited for our needs and budget. From the start to the finish of the entire project they were available to us, they answered all our questions on time and provided us with wonderful service. It was a real pleasure working with them. We would definitely highly recommend Rosewood Design & Build.

  • Anna and Don

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Rosewood Build & Design Inc. and his staff for building our new home in Etobicoke. In 2011, we purchased a property and made the very good decision to build with Rosewood Design. After meeting with your staff it was quite clear that no other builder could compete in terms of price and the quality of main inclusions on offer from Rosewood Design. We were impressed with everyone at Rosewood who endeavored to make the process simple for us and dealt with any minor hiccups very professionally. Rosewood Design truly showed great attention to detail when changing the floorplan to meet our needs. Later when we signed with Rosewood Design, we were reassured that upon completion of our house all we would have to do was literally "move in", and this has proven to be the exactly the case as promised. We are so pleased with the standard of workmanship and are so proud of our new home. We have already recommended Rosewood Design to our neighbors and will continue to recommend his great services.

  • Casey

    We entrusted our large renovation to Rosewood based on their professional /work and detailed quoting, and halfway thru the build are confident we made the right decision. Throughout the initial design and demolition phase of the project, Rosewood made sure to respect the areas of our home not being affected and our family & needs as we live in the home during most of the Reno. On multiple occasions Rosewood informed us of considerable savings we would be credited for that were built into the quote and we would not be aware of it not for their honesty. We look forward to seeing the fine finishing details that sold us on using Rosewood as we enter the second half of the build. To date, I would recommend Rosewood to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy, professional contractor.

  • Dilan

    My wife and I were looking to do major renovations in our home in Mississauga. After spending a little more time speaking to other builders we still were not convinced that we found the right one. After a few days, we spoke to a friend of ours and she suggested that we try a building company by the name of Rosewood Design Build Inc. After going on their website we were very impressed with their homes so we made an appointment with them and must say that it was one of the best decision we ever made. From the very first meeting, we definitely noticed that they were like no other. We had a very good feeling about them right from the start. The Rosewood team is very professional, take great pride in their work, will go above and beyond and get back to you should there be any queries. Rosewood team actually cares about their customers and build each home with outstanding quality. We were impressed with the quality and reasonable price. The whole experience was stress-free with no hassles at all. Right from when the process started through to the end, we were informed on everything and kept in the loop. Communication was great with everyone from the Rosewood team. Being flexible was another bonus for us, letting us make changes along the way. We are extremely happy with our home and would highly recommend your company to all.

  • Gani

    Worked with Pedrag for office dividers project and a new house built railings. Very knowledgeable regarding the project. Helpful and cooperative for any questions. Friendly with his clients and motivated to keep the project on schedule. Would recommend to anyone for residential or commercial renovations.

  • Gordana

    I recently had Rosewood do my floors and I found him to be highly professional and experienced with flooring. He got the job done in a timely matter and I was very pleased with the finished job. I would recommend Rosewood design to anyone looking for a seamless floor finish.

  • Ian Phillips

    I and my family just moved into our completely renovated home finished by Rosewood design. We always wanted a large modern master bedroom and master ensuite with lots of glass paneling and finally we got it and couldn't be happier with the final results. Rosewood team perform a great job at our house. Always available on phone and emails and very knowledgeable tradesman were working on our project. We would gladly recommend Rosewood to any of our friends who are in need of good renovators.

  • Kate and Allen

    My husband and I initially had decided to do our home renovation ourselves. At the beginning everything seemed to be going fine, however, that was short lived and it came to the framing inspection stage. At that specific inspection, we already ran into some major problems. The work the framing contractor had done on our home did not pass the framing inspection and the inspector noted some major deficiencies. When we tried to reach the framers to fix this they told us that everything was done up to the standards. At this point, they had taken our money already and stopped returning our calls, so our renovation came to a stall. We lost a lot of money, time, and energy trying to deal with the contractor and fix the issues. At this point, we had no idea how to proceed any further. After consulting with some of our neighbors, we found out about Rosewood Design Build Inc. They had done several houses in our area and had a strong and trusted reputation. We contacted them and our experience with the Rosewood team was wonderful. They took over the project and came up with various solutions to quickly resolve the structural issues we had so that the construction could continue. The Rosewood team was very knowledgeable, always available for questions and consultations, and it was truly a pleasure working with them. They were able to deal with any unexpected challenges that surfaced in a matter of hours and come up with an effective solution. They also made sure that every step of the project was done right and completed on time. We are so happy with our new home now and would highly recommend Rosewood Design Build Inc.

  • Marko Yelavich

    My wife and I did a large very demanding renovation to our house. We wanted to have an extension to the second story overlooking our ravine lot. This specific job required very knowledgeable site supervision and very skill trades. After all the time we spend looking for a builder who can take on such a demanding project one of our friends told us about Rosewood design-build and highly recommended them to do the job. After we spoke with Pedja and Chris we knew that the Rosewood team is the right choice for our project and they will perform the activity on given timeline and budget. The entire job was completed in 5 months and we couldn't be happier with end results as we are right now. Attention to all details and finishing work are just outstanding and now live in a home that was our dream for past years, we will highly recommend Rosewood design to any of our friends for any new build or renovation needs.

  • Simone B

    From our first meeting, Rosewood Design gave us confidence in the selection of a home building company! He truly shared practical advice throughout the designing stage and finished our renovation with efficiency and a lot needed a sense of humor - keeping stress levels at the bottom. Your staff always made yourself available when needed and well communicated throughout every step of the process. Keeping us informed on any decision or change, no matter how small. Overall the Rosewood Design were very friendly and hard working. After years of reading and finding ideas in magazines, they have helped transform our place into a magnificent dream family home! We would highly recommend Rosewood Construction without any doubts.

  • Strachan Johanson

    We purchased a house that was built by Rosewood design build inc. Such an amazing experience with our new home. Everything in our house was completed so nicely and anybody could tell that the Rosewood team cared about every single the smallest detail. We will recommend this company to all our friends if they ever need a magnificent builder.

  • Veronica

    Predrag and his company did an amazing job renovating our house. They were very diligent and trustworthy. Rosewood uses its own people for every phase of the project. They were very professional and efficient. We had some major reconstruction to be done, faced with lots of challenges; however, Predrag and his crew worked closely with us, communicated all possible options and gave us the best solutions. It has been our pleasure working with Predrag and his crew and we would highly recommend Rosewood Design Built to any of our friends.

  • Zoran and Momira L.

    We contacted Rosewood Design to finish the basement in our newly made house in Collingwood. That includes a full two bedroom apartment with fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Pedja was very diligent in providing detailed offer with a very competitive price. Each item was fully described and defined. The execution of the contract followed the agreed schedule with no or very minimal (but justifiable) price adjustment. Although having a number of unforeseen obstacles the job was finished almost as planned on our full satisfaction without a single dispute. Pedja is an honest and professional contractor I would recommend him with an open heart. Zoran and Momira L.